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13 October 2015, 22:31

Since I contacted eircom at the beginning of August I have had nothing but issues. I asked today for the matter to be escalated to be told that no manager or supervisor would deal with my issues. I ordered broadband to be told that I didn't order it even though KN networks came out and showed me where to plug in my broadband router. I was subsequently contacted by Kellie in a department to be told not to use the number that was given to me as my home number as they would need to re set me up. Not surprisingly nobody knew anything about this no notes up on the account. I then ordered e fibre on line but my request was not received. I then received a text the day after the engineer was due to call out to tell me that he was calling out the day before. Eventually got this sorted, had to book a day off work as the Engineers don't do weekends to receive a phone call from KN networks to ask me would I like a Saturday appointment asked for a call back from a supervisor. I missed the call as I was on another call, phoned the number back answering service which said that calls can only be taken between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. I phoned at 5 p.m.! Was advised that my account would be credited this is back in early September, account not credited, money taken out of my bank account for a bill in August, rang today on hold for 15 minutes, asked to speak to supervisor or manager or escalate the matter was told there is no complaints procedure and nobody would be calling me back as "they don't speak to customers". I would request somebody to call me back to discuss these issues 2 months in and have had nothing but issues with customer service, incorrect information, account not updated, no complaints procedures. What is going on is this what I have for the next 10 months. I was also advised that my contract is only for 12 months and not the required 18 months, but this is not reflected anywhere. Does anybody know what is going on? Look forward to hearing from you.
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    14 October 2015, 12:18

    Hi Marieg,

    I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing these issues.

    Please feel free to PM me your account details and I can look into this.

    To help speed our response, unsolicited PMs will not be answered and please include a link to your original post when sending private messages. Also, please remember to click on “this comment answers my question” if we have helped - Thank you!
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    20 April 2017, 12:09


    How do I escalate a complaint against Eir regarding inaccurate charges? The account manager just won't respond to calls, emails, voicemails etc

    In August 2015 Elaine Galligan our account manager at the time contacted me and explained we had to transfer all our mobiles over to a new platform. We transferred a few of these until I realised we were being charged €35 a month for the ones on the new platform and still only being charged €30 on the old one.

    One of our staff was to transfer over to the new platform but when I realised the added cost I didn't transfer him over. I informed Elaine that he wasn't transferring etc.

    In July 2016 I noticed that we were being charged for him on two separate bills. I brought this up with Elaine and again told her we didn't want to transfer him.
    She said she would organise to remove him from the new platform as he had never transferred and that she would get us credited for the double charge.

    We were told we would be refunded €525.

    In September we provided notice to cease one of our phones as the employee was leaving. His contract was up in October so we provided the required notice.
    We had cancelled all our mobiles form Eir in January 2017 due to the terrible service and lies we received from them. I noticed in March that we continued to get a direct debit taken by Eir. When I queried this I was told that they never cancelled the phone we had requested be cancelled when it was out of contract in October.
    We were promised a refund on the over charges from Nov to March when the phone should have been cancelled.
    I am still calling and emailing Eir and our account manager won't return any of our calls or emails. The service centre just says they will pass it onto the account manager.
    At this stage we have no option but to make a formal complaint to comreg to request full payment of our refunds due. How can a company behave like this when dealing with their customers? We removed all our business phones as soon as we could. Once we get these refunds sorted from Aug 2015 to date I will never deal with Eir again.
  • eir Angeleir Angel
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    20 April 2017, 17:09

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear about this.

    Can you PM your account number & name on the account? we'll look into this for you.

    If you'd still wish to make a formal complaint, I'd recommend you to follow this link here .

    - Angel


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