Early Cease Charges (Question)



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17 July 2017, 07:59

I have been with eir since 2015, we moved house and switched from the husbands to my name. Unfortunately ever since I added mobile phone to my account it's been a problem. Every month the bill was different considering it should have been €80 it's would come through at all different figures in excess of €100+

I would have to contact eir every billing period.

I decided to switch providers since my TV, broadband and landline contract was well and truly up (there was even no contract present on the UAN). But kept my mobile since I would still be in contract for mobile plan.

Low and behold I just received a bill of €667.62, I was warned this would happen. After to to get a resolution with both eir chat (they said they'd remove said charges) and customer services (said no) I'm left wondering whether I need to seek legal representation.

There's even a €40 charge for a multi-box I have proof we returned? What's the craic?
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  • eir Angeleir Angel
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    Broadband Expert

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    17 July 2017, 12:26

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear this.

    Can you PM your account number and name on the account and I'll look into this for you?

    - Angel


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