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2 June 2017, 12:23

I was customer of eircom for a number of years. 6 months I had broadband issues and decided to cancel my account

After cancellation, I received an invoice for a modem which I had returned - I phoned eircom and explained this and was told a note would be put on my file and my account was cancelled and no amount was outstanding.

Today received an email from AFS (Arvato Financial Services) with a reference number saying that I urgently need to contact them. These are a debt collection company. I have not contacted them as I see from online reviews that they have my details got from Eir and this seems a common occurrence.

It has been a dreadful cancellation experience and an appalling way to treat people and I would like to make it very clear to anyone considering joining Eir to stay well clear.

If this debt collection keeps contacting me I will enjoy gathering information to lodge a formal case against Eir and publicly highlighting their treatment.
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  • eir Angeleir Angel
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    2 June 2017, 13:28

    Hi Wise,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear about the billing issue.

    Can you PM your account number & name of the account? I'll look into this for you.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    - Angel


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