Customer loyalty ??? existing customer out of contract ! Which side is your bread buttered on? (Question)


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18 February 2016, 20:33


First of all I must say that I have never had a problem that was not resolved in an efficient manner with Eircom/Eir and furthermore have been a happy and contented customer for 15 years at my current address, But I do have a problem.... My current eFibre broadband home phone bundle is out of contract and I have always entered into consecutive contracts over the past 15 years. My Eir mobile contract is due to finish shortly and I have renewed this contract previously.

I feel that rewards in the form of a loyalty discounts are not being provided to existing customers. I see the fabulous deals that are available right now to new customers and believe that loyal customers should be treated with an element of fairness also.

Just to make it clear.... I wanted to bundle together the following in a new contract:

Upgrade my current eir mobile contract
Add a new Sim only contract for my wife
Eir Fiber Unlimited – Unlimited Data
Talktime Mobile – Unlimited calls to Residential landlines and mobiles

I have spoken to the team at Eir mobile today and was given a price of €130 and they are prepared of offer a €5 discount on the bundle.

I have also spoke to a very nice guy in Eirs Loyalty team who did provide me with a better bundle deal but it was nowhere near the offers provide to new customers

The same offer is available online
Mobile + SIM, TV Experience & broadband
online exclusive price of €42 (offline €48) a month for the first 12 months for new customers, thereafter €110 a month.

+2 Mobile plans: phone & SIM Only plan. 100 Mins + texts. 2GB Data.
DOUBLE DATA: Get 2GB instead of 1GB at no extra cost
Unlimited fibre broadband. Up to 100Mb. FREE parental controls.
Unlimited anytime home phone calls to Irish landlines and mobiles.
84 top TV channels with pause, rewind & record, eir Movies.

New customer pays €1,164 v €2,250 for existing customer over the contract period; Kinda hard to comprehend and accept really
Oh ya and a new customer gets TV too!

C'mon Eir, surely your existing customers deserve better than that.

Kind Regards,
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    19 February 2016, 12:00

    Hi Sheeno

    I would like to firstly thank you for your continued loyalty - I fully understand that in today market there's a number of options and it's important to highlight our appreciation for your custom.

    Unfortunately the set prices, packages and promotions in accordance with segment are set in place to a point where they cannot be edited under request or per customer however I would like to assure you that I will certainly pass on your feedback to operations for the consideration in future plans.

    Thank you



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