Do Eir management consider Residential Customers important STAKEHOLDERS in the business? (Solved)


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12 August 2017, 13:35

I have just joined the Eir community in the hope that some one who actually works for the company and knows what is going on will read this mail. Our area was canvassed heavily in late April by Eir proudly announcing that Fibre Broadband was available - sign up now and you will have it within a fortnight - no problem. A competitor ( to be fair a Satellite Provider) who I previously approached a few months ago but had been unable to provide a service at the time had just come back a few days earlier to inform me that they were now in a position to provide the service - the Eir sales agent joked at the time they needed to get in first - so no problem. Anyway , I contacted him a few days later and on 3rd May signed up for a Broadband package with an installation date of the 18th of May and subsequently received Account number and Direct Debit Mandate confirmation in the post. So far so good - 18th May came and passed with no installation or communication from Eir as to why it didn't take place. Subsequently, I contacted them to be given a new FORECAST date of the 31st May - it came and passed again with no communication from Eir . Being of a calm disposition I contacted them again to be given a new FORECAST date of the 16th June - it came and passed again with no communication from Eir .
This process was repeated for the 30th June, 17th July ,31st July and the 8th August with the promise of a call back and up date within 48 hours on the last call and well you probably figured it out by now -Eir don't do customer call back. At this point I want to say that each and everyone of the people I spoke to so far - and there were a lot of them ~ 25 on last count - were extremely courteous and tried to be helpful but in fairness they don't have access to information or apparently the people who actually have the information. I would also like to share a typical phone call - first point of contact is a sales person - confirm name ,address, account no - sorry need to refer you to wholesale team - confirm name ,address ,account no -
sorry need to put you on hold and contact Technical team who provide a new FORECAST date - for the record and I have kept them the average phone call was about 35 minutes from start to finish. Some of the whole sale team were extremely helpful and tried very hard to provide some hard information but the promised call back was never forthcoming. It is also very apparent from talking to these people that my situation is not uncommon and it would appear that there is very little interaction with the next layer of management in respect of customer care. In the middle of this saga ~ 2nd July I received via post - wait for it - Service Notification : Ireland's fastest Broadband is here! etc etc call us for free on 1800 303 722 - I have been for the last three months !!!! Anyway at the bottom the page, I spotted a name Catherine Lonergan - Director of Customer Management - surely I thought someone that had responsibility for customers or at the very least might know some who had so I dropped her a line on 6th July - still waiting for reply. I called into the local Eir office yesterday at the suggestion of Wholesale team who told me they had no access to installation information and " feet on the street" sales had nothing to do with them.

Some observations to conclude which may be inaccurate but I would appreciate if someone could clarify

Forecast date must pass before any update can be given which is another forecast date - Eir speak for ignoring customer's calls

Installations are carried out by Open Eir over which Eir have little or no control

Having read some of the previous comments on customer service it would appear Eir have significant issues with customer communication

Senior Management do not consider residential customers as important STAKEHOLDERS in the business
Solved. Read answer here:

Hi there MG58

Apologies for jumping in on this thread but I just read through your responses and completely understand how frustrated you must be and sincerely apologise again for your journey so far.

I would just like to confirm that once an official complaint is logged with our Complaints Team, they will be the only department that is able to deal with your case as we (Social Media) have no access or visibility of complaints cases. This is the same for when a COMREG case is raised. They will be directly in touch with the Complaints Team where all cases will be attended too. Again, we have no visibility or access to those private emails, here. Also, please bear in mind that this is not an instant response channel.

From here, we can only follow up with that department directly and once we received any feedback, this will be passed onto you immediately either here or via PM. I could suggest contacting just one department when trying to escalate your case or have someone assist you because if too many departments are sending follow-up emails to one department, it can prolong the outcome and sometimes create further issues but I understand the severity of your case and why you contacted so many departments.

Balaji is currently following this up with the relevant team and they confirmed that an email was sent out to you today addressing your query & case ID. Unfortunately, this is as far as we will be able to take this from here for now as you need to deal with them now directly as they escalated this all to Open eir.

Thank you for being so patient


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    14 November 2017, 12:25

    I'm afraid, we don't have a direct contact number for complaints team, Mg58.

    If you wish to make a formal complaint, you can click on this link to get in touch with our complaints department.



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