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20 April 2017, 10:34

HI I signed a contract with Vodafone in order to have broadband and TV. on the 7th of April and engineer from KN group came and he disconnected my neighbours lines. As the work will take him more than 2 hours they left without completed the work or amend my neighbours lines. By the way this happened on Friday. No one came to amend the lines until Monday. My line was not amend.
They reschedule a priority appointment for me after I complained to Vodafone. The new guy from KN group came on Good Friday 14th of April 2017. It was 9 am in the morning . First thing he advised he was working only that day until 12.30 After checking my line ( 30 minutes work) he advised he had to left as he had more guests to assist and my work would take him more than 2hrs. Again left down. Today 20th of April and still no sign of this guys from KN group or Eircom, which I was advised is the main company working with Vodafone.

Customer Service: 0
Call from the KN group : 1 I advised I want someone from Eircom and they hung up my call. Lovely No?

I want to open a formal complaint to this company. Do you think they assist? You guess correctly No assistance.
I contacted Vodafone like 10 times, no internet, no response, from Managers at any of the companies, Vodafone, Eircom or KN group

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  • eir Angeleir Angel
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    20 April 2017, 16:56

    Hi Yolanda,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear this.

    Just contact your service provider as KN engineers are common body & they will work for all service provider.

    - Angel


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