Litany of Issues followed by Fibre Modem Charge after Eir Fibre upgrade - Why wasn't I told of this? (Question)


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17 February 2017, 16:21

We joined Eir in April 2016 in the Eir shop in Ballina and when we signed up for broadband and home phone we were informed that when the cabinet in Foxford (FXD1_001) is upgraded to fibre, we would be entitled to free Eir Tv for a year. We were informed by Eir, that the cabinet would be live from the end of November.

When we went to the Eir shop in Ballina to sign up for fibre and Eir tv on the 28th Dec, we were informed that we were not entitled to free Eir Tv. So we were obviously annoyed by this but decided to upgrade anyway and when we tried to upgrade our account in store, the lady couldn't do it. She advised to do this via the website.

On the 29th December, I spent over 4.5 hours on the webchat upgrading my account to include fibre internet and eir tv. Despite not being able to get the best package we were entitled to, some issues with the mobile package being included with the phone/tv/fibre, we settled on another package and it was actioned. The new deal would be the same mobile package with Eir TV essential, home phone and fibre. I was informed that the engineers are due to come out on the 6th January to sort the fibre and tv.

On the 30th December, I had another webchat as my husband and I have had no mobile signal all day. I was informed that the signal is down due to the upgrade, even though the mobile contracts and the numbers within the package have remained the same. My husband and I did not had the use of our mobiles all that day. If I had known that this was going to be the case I could have told people to phone an alternative number in an emergency but i was not informed.

When we contacted Eir via webchat we were informed that due to the upgrade we needed to wait 24 hours for the mobiles to work. This went on for a few days with various (4 or 5) webchats explaining that we needed to be patient. The annoyance of this meant that my husband and I had no mobile phone coverage over the New Year period.

On the 2nd January, after 5 days without mobile phone signal, we were then told that the person on the webchat had cancelled our mobile contracts even though when we upgraded our account the mobile accounts were not affected and the mobile bundles would remain the same. We were informed that new Sim cards would be sent out in due course.

We complained to a few times over the Christmas/ New Year period and were informed on the 2nd January that the issues had been resolved when they hadn't. The problems remained outstanding.

On the 3rd January, we contacted Eir and were advised that the sim cards had not been sent out and that we could attend an Eir Shop and that they could issue replacement sim cards and we could use our mobiles again. My husband and I then travelled to Castlebar (40 minutes away) and were informed by the Eir store staff that they couldn't issue replacement sim cards, they could only sign us up for a new contract. The staff member did advise us of a business eir deal and suggested that we cancel our mobiles with eir and go back and see her.

That night I contacted Eir again and cancelled the mobile contracts.

On the 4th January, my husband and I attended the Eir shop in Castlebar again to sign up for Eir Business mobiles.

If someone from Eir had been honest and advised that we would have had the problems we endured from our upgrade we would have waited till after the New Year.

Fast forward to the 9th January, even though the install was initially booked for the 6th January.

The install should have been between 9.30am and 1.30pm. I rang Eir at 12.30pm and 1.30pm to find out where they were and was informed that they would contact me an hour before they were due. When I explained that they were already late, Eir said that the morning slot had been changed to an all day slot. The installers called at 15.20 and turned up at 16.15. They left at about 16.45. In that time, they had come in reviewed the house and drilled a hole through the wall to set the smart plug up in the same room as the TV box. The showed us how the box worked and then left.

Within 5 minutes of them leaving an error message came up on the tv advising that the box had to be used with the account it was registered with. I telephoned the engineers and they didn't care and said that as they had left to contact eir. The error on the screen stopped me using the eir tv box.

I contacted Eir and then spent the next few days trying to sort out this error, which was never resolved and meant that I couldn't use the box.
In the end, an engineer was tasked to come out and look at the cabinet outside our house. The engineer was supposed to contact us to tell us he had fixed the problem but he didn’t. After a few days we contacted Eir again as the problem hadn’t resolved itself.

Another engineer was tasked to come up. When they attended the house, they decided to change the phone line in the house and use another line. This involved moving the modem and phone system from our hallway into our dining room which has changed the dynamic of our house and opened wi-fi blackspots which weren’t there before. After they changed the location of the box this did not resolve the problem with Eir Tv.

I had been informing the engineers that the Eir Vision box was the problem as it was an old model box. I thought that the original installer had used a second hand box in the install and this had caused the error message.

When the engineers tried to contact the installer, initially they had spoken with him about the install but later on the original installer had turned his mobile off and wasn’t contactable. I understand from the engineers that their manager couldn’t contact him either.

When the Eir vision box was swapped over for a newer model and Eir was contacted to change the box number on their system, the Eir vision worked and has continued to work since then.

The engineers spent about 4 ½ hours at our house with 3 engineers being onsite for most of that time.

I contacted Eir a couple of weeks ago asking for a Manager to contact me, i’m still waiting for this by the way.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I looked at our new eir bill and find a charge for €59.99 for the new eir modem. THIS WAS NOT DISCUSSED WITH ME AT ANY TIME OVER THE PAST FEW MONTHS despite all the contacts, webchats, telephone calls, e-mails from CCM. I had been left under the impression that the Eir Fibre rollout upgrade was free.

As I’m highlighting the issues I have had since our upgrade I may as well mention the following unresolved issues;
a. A hole in the wall from the original installation
b. Wi-fi blackspots which needs to be resolved with tp-link powerline adaptors as they are the only ones which are compatible with eir smart plugs (who’s going to pay for them?)
c. A cordless home phone system which doesn’t work on one side of the house as the modem and phone has been moved from the centre of the house to the other outside wall(I don't know how much this is going to take to resolve).
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    20 February 2017, 18:00

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear this.

    Can you Pm your account number & name on the account? I'll take a look into this for you.

    My sincere aplogies for your experience on this.



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