Eircom eFibre Router keeps disconnecting my smartphones & tablets (Question)


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22 June 2014, 23:04

Had eFibre for almost two weeks now and since getting the Eircom F1000 router I've noticed my smartphones and tablets in the house are constantly losing connection and I can't figure out why? It'll normally happen if for example I put my phone down and it goes into standby, when I go to use it again it'll be disconnected from the internet, I've left it and watched it to see if it'll come back but will only come back if I turn off the Wifi setting on the phone and turn it back on again. Same on my wifes phone.

On my wifes tablet it also does this but also happens while she is watching a video on youtube, sometimes the vid will just stop and she'll need to turn off Wifi on the tablet and turn it back on again, happens even in same room as router, sat pretty much next to it :p

My laptop and games consoles seem uneffected though

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    23 June 2014, 12:48

    Hi Tir-Na-nOg

    I'm really not sure what can be causing this - it seems very odd that it works fine for the laptop & consoles. I'm suspecting that the wireless channels might need to be changed but the best advice I could offer you is to contact efibre technical support on 1890260260 for assistance in resolving with this.



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