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9 June 2017, 18:08

I purchased a Huawei B315 4G Router (Refurbished) on bill pay by direct debit on a 6 month contract for E20 a month for 25GB for E39 on Eir's website on the 04/04/17. After a few weeks and many phone calls been passed from one department to another Eir could find no record of the transaction and did not no how i purchased it for E39 as they sell for E69. (Not refurbished). Anyway while on the phone to someone i purchased the router for 69E on the 05/05/17. As of today i still have not received any of the 2 routers i purchased plus my first months direct debit was taking on the 12th of May for E32.74 and the second payment is due on the 13th of June for E20 that i wont be paying as i am cancelling the direct debit as of today as i have not used any service. I did ring my bank to get the reference number for the payment that is proof i did actually purchase the router from Eir
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    13 June 2017, 10:30

    Hi G.K,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear about the router.

    Can you PM your account number & name on the account? I'll look into this for you.

    - Angel


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