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28 March 2018, 16:16

Here are some handy tips when posting. This will help us in assisting you much quicker & more efficiently

When you log in, you will see (on the right-hand side) “Search the community”. Enter your question there as this might have been addressed before. If not, you will see “Can’t find an answer to your question?” and then just click on “ask now

• “Choose your subject” – This is important as this will direct us to deal with your query more sufficiently
• “Enter title” – This will help other customers who are having the same issues or queries and might even give support
• “Ask your question” – Make sure to have as much information as possible. This will eliminate representatives asking unnecessary questions.
• “Tags” – Tagging is important for helping us identify common issues.

How to add a tag: Your tag will reflect your query so if it’s for broadband (for example), type “broadband” & press “enter”. If you have an eFibre issue type “eFibre” & press “enter” again. Feel free to add more tags if needed as this will help us pinpoint your issue more effectively.

After completing the above, click on “Create new Topic

Please note:

Response times are not instant and can take up to 24 hours.
Opening hours are Mondays – Fridays, 9-5
Unsolicited PMs will not be responded to
Inappropriate language can lead to your profile being suspended.
Account PIN - If you have lost or forgotten your PIN or PUK, you can retrieve it…

If you receive a stand-alone eir Mobile bill, just log into My eir Mobile and select the 'Forgot PIN/PUK' option under “My Support”.

If your eir Mobile is billed alongside your eir bundle, log into My eir and select “Mobile” under “Your eir bundle”.

We also have reward badges for helping & supporting other members of the community so please feel free to interact amongst yourselves as we have a lot of members with impeccable knowledge.
To help speed our response, unsolicited PMs will not be answered and please include a link to your original post when sending private messages. Also, please remember to click on “this comment answers my question” if we have helped - Thank you!