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3 August 2017, 16:14

To use voicemail you need to set up your free mailbox. To do this free text the word "MAIL" to 50102

The first time you access your Meteor voice mailbox (by dialling 171), the system will ask you to set a password. You should choose a unique 4 - 6 digit number that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. After you change your password, you won’t have to enter it when you dial 171 from your mobile phone, but you will need to do it if you want to check your messages from any other phone.

You can change your password and greeting at any time after you have set them up. Simply dial 171, listen to any new messages that you may have and the system will take you to the main menu. To change your greeting, select option 3 and to change your password, select option 4.

Remember - Never share your voicemail password!

For Bill Pay customers, simply dial 171 and follow the instructions

For Prepay customers, simply complete the following steps:

Free text the word Mail to 50102
You will receive a text from us confirming that voicemail has been added to your account
Then call 171 and follow the instructions

What is the full list of short-codes for voicemail/diverts?

Call forwarding/Diversions:

Enter: Description:

##002# - Cancel all call diversions
**004* - Phone Number# Set all configurted diversions to number
##004# - Unregister all configured call diversions
##21# - Unregister divert all calls
*#21# - Check status of divert all calls
**61* - Phone Number# Register and activate divert on no answer to Phone No.
*61# - Activate divert on no answer
#61# - Deactivate divert on no answer
##61# - Unregister divert on no answer
*#61# - Check status of divert on no answer
**62*Phone number# - Register and activate divert on not reachable
*62# - Activate divert on not reachable
#62# - Deactivate divert on not reachable
##62# - Unregister divert on not reachable
*#62# - Check status of divert on not reachable
**67*Phone Number# - Register and activate divert on busy
*67# - Activate divert on busy
#67# - Deactivate divert on busy
##67# - Unregister divert on busy
*#67# - Check status of divert on busy

Call Waiting:

Enter: Description:

*43# - Activate call waiting
#43# - Deactivate call waiting
*#43# - Check status of call waiting

Number Presentation:

Enter: Description:

*#30# - Check status of caller ID
#31#Phone Number - Activate caller privacy for this call
*#31# - Check caller privacy status
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