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Mobile Expert

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Device Expert

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Community All Rounder


14 September 2017, 13:27

Hi everyone,

We see you guys helping each other and offering expertise and advice all the time.

We appreciate this very much, as I'm sure other users do too.

As a way of highlighting users who have gone the extra mile or given insightful information to others, we've came up with The Braniac Program.

This will allow users to achieve badges once they achieve certain criteria here on the Community.

  • Mobile Expert: minimum of 5 answered topics in forums
  • Broadband Expert: minimum of 5 answered topics in forums
  • Device Expert: minimum of 5 answered topics in forums
  • eirVision Guru: Minimum of 3 answered topics in forum eirVision
  • Community All Rounder: Minimum of 15 answered topics in the community

On top of these, we will be looking to reward our loyal and helpful users from time to time as a special thank you.

We are continuing to grow our Community and we couldn't have done it without you so, again, thank you very much to all involved.



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