What movie is your favourite on eir Movies? (Question)


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18 May 2017, 10:18

If you haven’t viewed our movie selection, I would suggest doing so by clicking here

Sometimes it’s just nice to gather everyone around the TV with some drinks & snacks and spend some quality time, watching the movies you like.

We have the Latest Releases, Collections & Best Sellers

We also have different categories that will suit your whole family from “Trolls” to the multiple, award winning “La La Land” and other big winners from the 2017 Academy Awards

Take your pick whether it’s “Action & Adventure”, “Comedy”, “Drama”, “Family”, “Horror”, “Independent & World”, “Romance”, “Sci-Fi/Fantasy” or “Thriller & Crime

My personal favourite is “Doctor Strange” as I am a big fan of the "Super Hero" movies which we also have.

Join our poll. We would love to hear from you :cool:

Which one movie would you like to see on eir Movies?

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