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15 July 2017, 19:57

Whilst in the middle of a phone regarding my Masters university application yesterday, my service was completely cut without any forewarning. I thought initially it was a signal issue or technical glitch, but when I attempted to make a call i was greeted with "you are barred from making outgoing calls. Please contact customer service". When I tried to call customer service I received the same message.

Upon returning home 2 hours later I received an SMS informing me that "due to your high usage your account has been suspended. Please call 1901 to make a payment".

After multiple attempts I reached a customer service agent who informed me that I had reached the limit on my account. In order for the service to be resumed I must make a minimum €20 payment.

I pay my Bill every month and have never missed a payment. I am very aware of my usage and intend to pay for what I use. So how come only 2 weeks into my billing month has my service been cancelled? When I purchased my handset (Samsung S6), I was never informed at any stage about a "limit" on my account.

At a crucial point in time where I require at the very least calls and sms (which I rarely use) my service has been cut completely. Even after I mad the €20.00 payment to resume service still 24hrs later I am without service.

So it seems Bill pay isnt even Bill Pay anymore. You have to "top up" or "clear your bill" before you continue...thus DEFEATING THE PURPOSE OF BILL PAY. When you choose Bill pay, you do so knowing that you have service as long as you contiue to pay bills.

Would like an explanation and contact regarding this.
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    17 July 2017, 11:27

    Hi Outsidesean,

    Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear this.

    I'm afraid, there is credit limit for each customers to avoid bill shocks.

    If you could PM your account number and name on the account, I'll look into this for you.

    - Angel


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