Eir Vision Go App fails when Roaming (Question)


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24 May 2017, 19:51

Hi, Eir mobile makes a big song and dance about the 1gb free roaming data etc. In truth I applaud them for it.
But on a recent trip to UK last week, I was unable to watch eir sport 1 or any other channel. App kept saying "Something went wrong.. try again". So my question is "What went wrong?"
I noticed that if i took out my Eir sim and put in a tesco mobile sim, then it worked. So... given I had no choice, I went through 600+ MB roaming data with tesco and it cost 25 euro.
Its very odd considering i had 4G and massive speeds with the Eir sim in, and lower speeds/3G with tesco.
I would like to getvto the bottom of what happened though as I do travel a few times a year and sometimes a sports bar is unavailable and so this needs to work... it should work! or at least give a better error message rather than encourage you to keep trying for hours right?
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    25 May 2017, 11:48

    Hi Wailim_2002,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear about this.

    I'm afraid that eir sports can be watched on mobile, PC, TV only within Ireland.

    I will relay your feedback to relevant team in regards to the error message.

    - Angel


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