Loss of service (Question)



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6 August 2017, 20:30

Bought a new Iphone5s and renewed my contract with eir last week . I called your customer service at 4.30 on the 4th. August to have my service changed from my old phone to my new phone. I was told my new phone would active within 24 hours. 50 hours has now elapsed and I still have no service. However you did manage to cut off my service on my old phone . Hence no phone for the last 2 days. By the way my bills are all paid up to date. The sim card number for my new phone is 8935303052406117170. All my attempts to reach your customer service by phone (today) have failed.
Need service urgently. Your customer : Peter Kenny
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  • eir_Isabeleir_Isabel

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    8 August 2017, 12:41

    Hi PK_01,

    Thank you for getting in touch and I am sorry to hear this.

    Can you PM me your account number and name and I will look into this further?



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