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12 February 2018, 00:24

so, i registered a new account with eir and looked forward to my fifty euro, eventually, after much patience, I received an email with a code and a link. so i needed to register to get my 50 euro and I did, three days later, i get an email saying : incorrect details. I re register with the exact same details and three days late I get an email saying, incorrect details so third time lucky. I reapply, go through the password again (and anyone who has seen the Michael Mcintyre sketch about registering for websites will know how much of a pain in the ass it is) but I did it, because I want fifty quid, it was the prerequiste for me joining, not the deal on the internet, because basically my 20 year old son hogs it and hassles me if i stream, not the sport channel, because you know what I dont really watch sport, but hey fifty quid, a treat for me to do what I wanted, that was the deal, ok, so back to the story, I registered and guess what , well actually, this time it was accepted but then when i had to click on the link and put in my password, i put it in wrong three time (go watch the michael mcintyre video sketch you will understand). Then i am sent a message saying ok, you stupid woman, you have to apply all over again. Jesus christ the sales are nearly over. But worse, i was away and didnt get the email until it was too late and had expired. Its feb, its valentines day soon, which is also my birthday , my roots need doing, my nails need doing, i have the legs of a football player, (hairy not muscle) i would like the fifty quid soon please, the world continues at my house, the internet is still being hogged by the kiddo, and the soccer, rugby, winter olympics, darts, snooker is being enjoyed by himself. I just want to be cared for, well no actually, i just want my 50 quid, can you help.
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    12 February 2018, 10:25

    Hi there Dek123,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us here.

    I'm sorry to hear this has caused you feel this way. Can you please PM me your account number and full name? I'll look into this for you now.

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



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