Moving Home Disasterous (Question)



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19 May 2017, 01:22

My recent dealings with eir have been a nightmare in moving a broadband and 2 mobile phones from one address to the other! One issue after another, not being informed fully about the steps required. My old account my eir service has been deactivated and I have just been debited from my account for a bill I cannot access!
New equipment was required at the new address. I was not told I would have to return equipment or I would be charged. During install I asked technician to take old equipment and he refused. Fed up dealing with this and feel trapped as I was bound into a contract and have now had to begin a new contract. Very unhappy customer.:@
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    19 May 2017, 13:46

    Hi dfdeegan,

    Thanks for your post to the eir community.
    I'm really sorry to hear your move wasn't communicated to you clearly and I'll relay your feedback to your move home team. I can understand how stressful moving home can be & apologies moving your eir service turned into a stressful experience.

    Usually, the service will be activated in your new home before your old account is cancelled. Once the account is cancelled you will be issued a final bill for your old account & billing will commence on your new account. These will be separate bills. In order to move home, a new account is required as each account is individual to each address & this is why you would have entered into a new contract.

    I'm afraid the technician installing your service would be unable to collect the equipment and a courier would be sent to collect this from you up to 14 days after the account is cancelled. You can also return the equipment to the Freepost address below -

    eir Returns
    PO Box 12726
    Dublin 11

    Bear in mind if you return the equipment to the Freepost address to include your account number with the equipment. If you have been charged for the equipment just let us know here and we can arrange to have this charge removed from your bill.

    To help speed our response, unsolicited PMs will not be answered and please include a link to your original post when sending private messages. Also, please remember to click on “this comment answers my question” if we have helped - Thank you!


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