Extremely disappointed with Eir service….Feedback

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6 February 2017, 19:53

I signed up for Eir on 17/01 next day I got email confirming installation for 6/02. That’s fine we could wait. Two days after we got a call asking if that technician can come in on 21/01 do install the service of course we agreed-who wouldn’t. Installation times were between 12-17, which was fine as long as we get our broadband. So we waited half Saturday (not to mention it was my birthday). The technician came after 4 pm to announce that he can’t install the service because Eir didn’t put cables in the building??? On Monday at work I decided to use Eir online chat to find out if this will have an impact on our 6/02 date. I was assured that not and 6/02 is the date when we will be connected. As the person I was chatting wasn’t very convincing I decided to call Eir after work. I spoke with one agent, who put me on hold to talk with technical team. After few minutes he came back to me to announce that everything will be fine for 6/02 and we will be connected. Perfect! We couldn’t wait! On 3rd of February we got a call from technician saying he will be in 30 min to install service?? He came and the same story not cables installed yet by Eir. When we told him we are expecting connection on Monday he looked at us like “I don’t thinks so”. I gave again call to Eir to find out what is going on. I spend again minutes with agent, on hold and then with some technician. Mr Technician told me that there are cables in the building and the reason why previous guys couldn’t connect us was that there was no signal in line as we were schedule for 6/02. So I asked him are you 100% sure that we will be connected on 6/02 and we not gona waste our day waiting, He said yes! OK,perfect. Today is 6/02 technician came, lost another day waiting for him (had to take day off from work) and guess what? So I called Eir again…..spend over 20 min on hold when agent was trying to find out what’s going on. He came back to me with news…..there is no plan scheduled to put cables in my building yet! He couldn’t say when it will happen so he asked me to call Eir back on Wednesday or Thursday.
Why I was lied on the first place by 4 people in Eir.
Why I had to wait till 6/02 to find out the truth?
Why I had 3 technicians coming over for nothing?
I have to call back? Really ?

Eir you showed me that you don't care about your customer (and I am not even fully one of them)
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  • Paddyncw
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    6 February 2017, 20:11

    a total disgrace your missing nothing the quality of the picture is brutal.......

    i posted in the tv section of the forum bout 30 minutes ago and its still not up..... i guess they dont like the thruth
  • eir_addyeir_addy
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    7 February 2017, 16:23

    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting in touch & sorry to hear this.

    I'll pass your feedback within the organisation to have a closer look on this.

    Can you PM your account number & name on the account? I'll look into this for you.

    My sincere apologies for the customer journey you've been through.

    - Addy
  • eir_addyeir_addy
    Community Moderator

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    7 February 2017, 16:24

    Hi Paddy,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I've received your PM in relation to this & I'll continue to respond to you in PM.

    - Addy


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