Worst Customer Service I have ever come across, Do not use Eir (Solved)

Tracey Buckland

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6 January 2017, 10:42

I not one to usually give out about anything, but Eir really takes the biscuit, back in late September 2016 two Eir representative knocked at my door to Inform my that Broadband was now available in my area and the bundles the have on offer. I was hesitant due to financial pressures, The representative informed me that they offer a cooling off period if the bundle didn't suit, NO PAYMENT taken. So I went ahead and signed up on the basis of this to give it a chance. When installed the broadband was ok but wasn't happy with the TV, So after speaking to my husband we decided to cancel the bundle,

I contact Eir in October and after waiting 40 mins to speak to a customer agent only to be answered my a lady who was coughing a spluttering in my ear and not one bit discreet about it. I informed her that I wish to cancel as I'm still within my cooling off period, After another 15mins of her trying to convince me not to cancel she told me she would make a note on my file and to ring back if I still wanted to cancel, because I was in work at the time and after spending over a hour on the phone, I agreed to call back in my own time. I rang back the following day again to wait a ridiculous time to talk to someone, I manged to cancel my bundle with the Agent telling me that I will not be charged and will not receive a bill. I received a confirmation email from EIR to confirm the cancellation.

Early November I got a bill in the post for €89, Confused I rang up and queried this again waiting over a half hour to speak to someone to be told that the bundle was never cancelled and the he could cancel it now but the €89 will be still taken out. But he assured me that he will put a request in for refund to be sent out straight away.

The Second week in December, I still had not received anything, so again I wasted my time and rang again to speak to Eir customer service, the agent I spoke to informed me that no requested had been but though for a refund, At this stage I'm very frustrated as its coming close to Christmas and every penny counts. the agent was no help at all, when I asked him why I have been misinformed twice he had the attitude well its not my fault, saying "I can only speak for myself" but not resolving the problem or not one bit apologetic. I asked if I could speak to a manager or supervisor he said that there was no-one there, asked if I could get a call back he informed me that no-one will be calling my back asked if I could get number or email to send in a complaint he told me that there was none. I have never come across a company that supplies a services that doesn't have a complaints procedure??? (hence why I'm writing this here) At this stage the agent then informed me that he had to send a request to a different department and that I would have to ring back the following Monday to get a complaints number. Again asking about the complaints procedure, all the agent want to do was get me off the phone saying "we are going around in circles and that he was terminating the call".

Totally deflated, I rang back the following Monday (this is December now this is going on since October) and was given a complaints number. and I'm still waiting on my refund.

This morning I have received a email that I can view my bill on-line. I HAVE CANCELLED THIS BUNDLE IN OCTOBER. I'm not paying this bill, This is harassment, I have asked for my direct debit details to removed from there systems back in November and they are have taken payment out of my account. I will not be wasting my time or energy contacting EIR but I will be contacting my solicitor since there is no complaints procedure.

If you are thinking about joining EIR, I would strongly advise not to, and to look into a service with better Customer service and all round better service.

Tracey Buckland
Solved. Read answer here:

You can submit your complaint at https://www.eir.ie/logacomplaint.jsp

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  • gerryh1
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    6 January 2017, 14:15

    You can submit your complaint at https://www.eir.ie/logacomplaint.jsp
  • Tracey Buckland

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    6 January 2017, 15:11

    Thanks Gerry
  • eir_shruthieir_shruthi
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    6 January 2017, 15:47

    Hi Tracey Buckland,

    Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear this has caused you feel this way. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience you are having with the service. I can understand how frustrating this must be for you and I sincerely apologise for the customer journey on this.

    Can you PM your account number and the name on the account and I'll look into this for you.



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