Looking After Your Online Security 28/06/2017 (Question)

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28 June 2017, 18:09

To our customers,

In light of the recent ransomware reports in the media, eir would like to remind their customers to be vigilant when opening emails.

We have had some reports of a fraudulent e-mail in circulation purporting to be from eir. The e-mail can be seen below. Note that it contains what appears to be an eir logo and an eir address, so it may seem legitimate.

If you are at all unsure of the validity of the sender, one tip is to hover your mouse over the name of the sender of the e-mail, this will typically reveal the true identity of the sender. Also, if you have already opened the e-mail, you will notice that the attachment to the e-mail is sent using Microsoft Word. No e-mails sent from eir will ever contain attachments in this format.

It is important not to click on links or open in an email that you receive which does not come from a trusted source.

For further information about online safety and a list of our URLs, please look here

Thank you,
eir Care.

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