Phishing e-Mail Targeting eir Customers 23/03/2017

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9 February 2017, 12:55

To our customers

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent eir billing email is in circulation at moment. This mail is advising customers that they are due a refund and to follow the link to claim this refund back. The customer is then asked to enter their details. Here the scammers will attempt to retrieve sensitive information from people.

Please take note of this fraudulent e-mail below to ensure you are not affected by this :

Dear customer,

Your refund is now available to complete at My eir.

Your refund amount is €303.58

Once you login to My eir, you will be redirected to the refund page.

If you are set up for refund you will need to complete the process.

Please Sign in to My Eir:


My eir Customer Support

Also, please note that the correct secure URL address for My eir will always begin with HTTPS and the link below can be used if you are unsure. We advise not click on any links in an email you are unsure of and please report the email as spam to your mail provider by clicking on "mark as spam" within the email.

To check on account details you can login to My eir

As an active member of the Irish Telecommunications Security Fraud Community (ITSFF) we work to help raise awareness of these scams so that consumers can avoid becoming victims of fraud. Again, please be extra vigilant of unsolicited phone calls or emails, and report all suspicious activity to your local Garda station.

If you need any advice on these issues you can also contact consumer help or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.


• Never disclose any information particularly personal or financial information.
• Delete the SMS/MMS or email message immediately
• Never click on web links contained within such messages or download content associated with the message
• Do not respond to calls or messages from an unknown source.
• If you have provided personal bank account or credit card details please contact your bank immediately to advise that details have been compromised. The financial institution will be in a position to advise regarding cancelling bank or credit cards.

Thank you

eir care