Severe Weather Causing an Increase in Usual Fault Levels 10/01/18

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10 January 2018, 10:48

Due to high winds and severe lightning from Storms Eleanor and Dylan, there has been an increase in our typical
fault levels.

The areas mainly affected are South West and West of the country, as well as Monaghan and Cavan.

Plans are in place to address these faults, with resources moved to worst affected areas. Our support teams have also been working extended hours since, Thursday, January 4th.

There are currently no further weather warnings in place.

Delays per counties affected :

CAVAN - Up to 8 days
CLARE - Up to 5 days
CORK - Up to 8 days
GALWAY - Up to 5 days
KERRY - Up to 5 days
LEITRIM - Up to 5 days
LIMERICK - Up to 8 days
MAYO - Up to 8 days
MONAGHAN - Up to 10 days