Phoney eircom call (Question)

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11 July 2018, 22:40

I have received two call, 1st from 021-4211726 which I didn't answer, then 021-4770637 which I answered foreign English lady saying my internet had been compromised, saying press 1 to get help I think?, but as I don't use my landline for the internet, it couldn't be so! But it was a Cork number so I felt it was OK to answer, has anyone had similar calls
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    12 July 2018, 09:57

    Hi there RosemaryH,

    There has been a recent increase in attempted phishing calls. During these calls, a fictitious agent pertaining to be from eir will attempt to obtain personal information and/or payment details.

    You can click here to view more on our Help and Support page about the phishing or scam calls.



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