Is this a genuine e-mail from eir on 19/07/2018 (Question)

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19 July 2018, 21:35

Thanks for getting in touch

Important information about your email service

Dear Customer,

As you've used your email address in the last 90 days, we need to let you know about some changes we're making.

We're closing some of our older email services. That means your eir email address will stop working after 30 Agust 2018, unless you add it to our latest Broadband account. If you don't do that, you'll permanently lose your email address as well as the contacts and messages associated with it.

Keep your email by adding it to your Eir Broadband account

If you want to keep it, it's quick, easy and free. Just link your email address to your eir Broadband account by following the steps, please click here

We sent you this message because you've got eir Broadband. If that's not right and you want to find out how to keep your eir email address, go to

Don't need your email address any more?

If you don't want to keep your email address, and everything associated with it, tell us and we'll delete it for you.

Many thanks,


Have a question?

Find the answers to the questions we always get on our Help and Support site. If it's something else open a Webchat and ask one of our Customer Care team for help.

You can also find us on

facebook Facebook

twitter Twitter

Community Community

Or if you prefer give us a call if we can help you with anything.

This is an automated email so please do not reply to it as you will not receive a response - click here to contact us
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  • eir Vaishalieir Vaishali
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    eVision Guru

    eVision Guru

    20 July 2018, 13:17

    Hi there PJR,

    We are aware of a series of unsolicited emails in circulation that claim to come from our eir services teams. Further information on this can be found here. I would recommend deleting this email and blocking the sender.



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